Found a place to wait out my exile in Lynden, it’s about 25 miles from the border crossing. While there are quite a few trailers parked here it seems no one is living in them.
So I have the park to myself, no sharing the free internet which is spotty but unfortunately, the washrooms are locked up. I was really looking forward to having a shower today but that’s not going to happen. It started snowing a 1/2 hour after I got here I’m hoping it will stop soon.

Before heading to the campsite I stopped at Walmart to pick up the supplies I would need for the next few days. It never ceases to amaze me how busy they are, does not matter when you arrive they are always packed with people.

Had a special dinner tonight cooked a frozen pizza in the convection/microwave. It was not nearly as good as Jackie makes but compared to what I have been eating lately it was great.

Spent the evening watching New Year’s Eve specials on TV I even watched CHEK HD for awhile to try and see the Inner Harbour Fireworks but must have missed it.

When I awoke this morning I was greeted with 15cm of fresh snow. It’s quite pretty but I hope it melts soon. During the day the temp has risen to 2c and I have been listening to the snowdrop off the trees onto the RV roof all day.

The biggest downside to staying here besides the lack of showers is the closest coffee shop is over 2 miles away so no coffee for me today. Will be spending the day inside reading. I wonder what tomorrow has in store?

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