Tarnis Switch Multiplexing


Easy MW OSD RSSI for Naze32/Flip32 using a D4R-II and OpenTx 2.1


I’ve been trying for a while to figure out how to get RSSI to properly display on my OSD using MW OSD and a D4R-II receiver through my Flip32 (this works for a true Naze32 as well). After trying several different solutions, I read a post on how to inject the RSSI signal into the ppm stream to feed into the Flight Controller. Below I’m going to attempt to explain how I accomplished it….Read More>>

Taranis and OpenTX programing for ZMR250

Taranis Model
This will be a walk thru setting up a Taranis Radio on a ZMR250 Quad using CleanFlight.
Make sure you flashed the latest version of OpenTX on your Taranis and start the….. Read More>>

Cleanflight Setup: Flip32 – D4R-II – MinimOSD – LEDs

Flash Screen

This will be a walk thru setting up Cleanflight on a Flip32 board using the standard FrSky D4R-II Receiver and a Micro MinimOSD board running ScarbOSD with a RTFPIXEL STICK.

Start by downloading the latest Cleanflight Configurator, you will need Google Chrome installed on your computer….Read more>>

Flip32 Flight Controller Minimalistic Pin Setup


Here is a little trick I picked up while surfing the internet and figured I would share it with the rest of you. It makes for a very clean wiring setup in your miniquad. This along with shortening… Read more>>




Awesome Quad Wiring Diagram

250Quad Ran across this awesome wiring diagram while surfing the net ….Read more>>

Radio Receiver Antenna


Found a great way of mounting the radio receiver antenna on any quad frame from one of RCModelReview’s youtube videos…..Read more>>

Sony PZ0420 for FPV


The Sony Super HAD 600tvl CCD Camera is one of the most popular cameras for FPV and with a few simple setting changes, it’s even better…. read more >>