I spent last night in a Pilot parking lot it was noisy and cold but it should have been my last night in the US

The morning went from bad to worse, when I arrived at the border all the access lanes were blocked off and the border patrol was using a dog to check all the vehicles. When my turn came I asked were was the admin building was so I could file my paperwork. He politely informed me that I would not be leaving today since the office was closed and would not reopen till Tuesday. With the buildings of Vancouver in sight, I had to turn back and cross back into the US.

If things had gone according to plan I would be sitting at home freshly showered and wearing clean clothes.

Instead, I’m stuck in the US till Tuesday!! Stopping in Eugene to get the furnace fixed seemed like a good idea, what I did not take into account was. Not only did that push my crossing back a day, but with all my traveling I had lost track of the days and today is Saturday and the Pacific Highway Border Crossing Office is only open Mon-Friday and because of the New Years Holiday will not be open till Tuesday.

So I get to spend another 3 days in the US in a cheap KOA were at the moment it is snowing!!! I am sure in a week from now I will look back on this and laugh but that’s not how I feel at the moment. Oh well, I have power and Internet I should be able to entertain myself for the next couple of days.


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