My motorhome has 2 LP tank gauges both showing different readings, I had heard about a new way to monitor your LP tank using an ultrasonic sensor by Mopeka. It sounded like just what I needed but when it arrived, I discovered that while it works great on vertical tanks it’s less than ideal on horizontal tanks like the kind that come on most class C RV’s.

The problem is it’s designed to mount on the flat part of the bottom of a vertical tank which a class C  with it’s horizontally mounted tank causing the bottom of the tank to be rounded makes for a poor fit and not very accurate readings.

Fortunately, I have access to a 3d printer and after a few trial and errors in designing the case came up with a solution that works great.

With the addition of a couple of zip ties to secure it to the tank, I now have a reliable sensor that will alert me before I run out of propane.


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