What is FPV flying?

FPV is an acronym meaning “First Person View”. A person referring to “flying FPV” is referring to piloting their model aircraft from a first-person perspective onboard. This is accomplished by means of tiny video cameras and wireless RF links. The typical FPV plane consists of many components that must work well together to get the job done.

The airplane itself
The R/C gear used to control the plane
The camera/microphone mounted onboard
The wireless video transmitter to send the audio and video to the ground
Usually a second battery to power the video gear

The Plane can be anything from a stock run of the mill foam parkflyer, to totally custom purpose-built “UAV” types. There will always be some debate as to what the “best” choice is for a FPV airplane, but the truth is, everyone’s needs and expectations are different. There is no single best airplane for everyone. There is no denying though, that the Multiplex Easy Star is a great place to start. It’s durable, flies well, carries the extra payload well, and there’s TONS of information on the various forums. There’s probably not a single question you could ask that hasn’t already been answered at least once. Flying wing types tend to work well also. They are a bit more versatile and portable than the Easy Star.