BAH Nemesis 240 Mini

Let me start by saying this frame is a work-of-art. Every piece, cut, and hole is well thought out and serves a purpose. The designer bayareaheli didn’t waste a single inch of this frame with useless branding or silly designs, it is truly a purpose built machine. ….Read More


Grasshoper 300FPV

These minis are usually for high speed Fpv flying and racing. This one will be different. My goal is to have a fun flyer that is fast and agile, when I want it to be ….. Read More

ZMR250 Build

My ZMR250 just entered into its second revision after receiving overcraft’s PDB board ….Read More


Armattan Tri Build

After printing out my my own Mini-H Quad . I splurged and purchased a Armattan CF Mini Quad/Tri Kit…..Read More