Here is a link to our trip video of Georgia and Florida (including Disney at Christmas)

Jan 30 – Still hanging out in the free desert BLM land in Why, AZ.  We head into Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  The organ pipe cactus only grows in Mexico and just in this tiny bit of the USA.  These cacti grow in columns with clumps up to 9 feet in diameter.  As we enter the park, we see a border patrol helicopter circling – it even flies over to check us out!  Visitors are warned to stay on established trails only while hiking here.  We also see 3 military warthog jets buzzing very low overhead.  We do spot a rolled up blanket, tattered and torn, on the hiking trail, but don’t see any illegal immigrants. Apparently, up to 4,000 arrests are made here a year!

Jan 31/Feb 1 – Our next BLM stop is Saddleback Mountain in Tonopah, Arizona, just west of Phoenix.  It is very rocky here, but pretty mountains around.  The desert here is quite green, but there are lots of pesky flies!  Also little lizards in the sun. 

Feb 2 – We venture into Phoenix for a look.  Papago Park is very nice – lots of cool sandstone rock formations including Hole in the Rock, fishing lakes, and trails.  We carry on to Gilbert nearby to Zanjero Park and see a roadrunner, as well as lots of little burrowing owls.

Feb 3-5 – Onto the RV mecca known as Quartzsite.  There are hundreds of RVs in the desert areas surrounding this town.  Lots of free BLM camping – some in the open desert, others in more hilly areas.  We find Dome Rock to be a lovely spot to spend a few days walking and relaxing.  There is a meet-up of Casita owners going on here – they expect about 300 trailers.

Feb 6-7 – Heading south towards Yuma, we stop at the KOFA Wildlife Refuge to camp in the desert.  We head in on Kings Valley Road and find a free BLM spot near the mountains.  The skies are sunny and blue, but cold weather will keep us hunkered down today and tomorrow.

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