On our way to Liard Hotsprings, we encounter a herd of wood bison of at least 100, maybe more. They are on both sides of the highway, as well as directly on the highway. Especially when you try to pass them, they seem to intentionally stop right in front of you to let you know whose highway it is. These are massive beasts and you wouldn’t want one to get mad with you.

We get lots of great photos and then it’s time to push on to Liard Hotsprings, the second biggest in Canada. This large hotsprings is all natura,l fed by 7 hotsprings that mix with the cold spring melt. It was a pleasant soak, but you needed to keep moving as the top 6″ of water is very hot while the bottom is fairly cool – a very unique experience. Temps in the pool range from 34 to 39 Celsius.

We drive through Muncho Lake Park admiring its blue-green water. On our way through, we spot a lone caribou crossing the road.

We overnight at Raging River, a pleasant spot right on the raging waters.

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