The wind started to pick up after dinner last night. By the time I went to bed all the snow and ice had come off the tree beside me so I had a decent nights sleep.

With the wind blowing temps here dropped to -13c was a little uncomfortable crawling out of bed this morning but within 1/2 hr the furnace had things warmed up nicely. Ran into the first problem of the day when I went to replenish my water supply. The RV is winterized so I have no water onboard. Overnight all the faucet’s in the RV park froze up so I now have no way to get water. If I’m careful I should be able to make it thru the day with the RV antifreeze I have left.

With the outside temps being what they are I’ll be spending the day inside again. I still have a couple of books left to keep me occupied since the Internet here has stopped working.

The Internet just came back up so I’m going to try posting this before heading to bed. Then it’s off to the border in the morning hopefully without any problems.


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