I take back what I wrote yesterday today’s drive was defiantly the worst day of driving in what had been a very long journey.

The day started off great,  after spending another cold night in the RV the service manager banged on my door at 9:00 to let me know that the circuit board had arrived. After handing him the keys I headed inside to warm up and grab a cup of coffee. Just over an hour later they told me the repairs were done I went with the service manager to settle up the bill. They contacted the dealer in Akron who authorized the payment of $370  and by 11:00 I was already to go.

Checking the nav system it was only a 6 1/2 hour drive to the border plenty of time for me to make it home tonight.What the Nav system doesn’t calculate is traffic. I5 runs thru 3 major cities and that is where it stops being a freeway and turns into a parking lot.

My total travel from Eugene to Bellingham was over 9 hour!! That meant no chance of catching a ferry home until tomorrow.Showed up to spend my last night overnighting in a Walmart only to find that is not allowed here. Time to get back on the road and find a place to stay the night. 🙁

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