Left Las Vegas early yesterday morning aside from the long climb out of the valley yesterday’s drive was long but uneventful. Stopped twice on my way thru California to try to get the furnace fixed but got the same story. It would be two weeks to a month till they could even look at it, let alone fix it!!

Since I wasted so much time trying to get the furnace fixed it was after 11:00 pm when I finally reached my stop for the night. 

With the temp in the RV at -2c, I was up at 5:30 and on the road by 6. The plan for today was to make it to Eugene to pick up my Solar parts and visit the Camping World for one more try before heading for home.

The first 2 hours went well but after my first fill up I started going up thru the mountains the California side was okay but once I entered Oregon things got a little more exciting. I thought the 6% grades were bad enough, but just to make it more interesting they added twisty roads with snow and ice and mile-long cloud banks.

Today’s drive was defiantly my least favorite, especially after the logging truck in front of me dropped something off its load and put a crack in the windshield. Due to the driving conditions, I did not make it to Camping World until 4:00 pm.

While I was driving thru this winter wonderland I received a phone call from Bob enquiring how things were going. I told him I would call him back and 45 minutes later at the next rest stop, I explained the problems I was having getting the furnace fixed. He called me back 10 minutes later to let me know they were expecting me.
Even though I showed up an hour late they brought the RV right in, and 45 minutes later came out and told me the problem was the control board. They did not have one in stock but figured they can get one tomorrow. Will be spending the night in their parking lot. Hopefully, this will be the last cold night I spend in the RV.

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