The past two days have been pretty uneventful, I get up to eat my breakfast then walk the 1/2 mile down the road to purchase my morning coffee at 7 Eleven. Yesterday morning after purchasing my coffee I continued on down the road, after getting off the main drag I walked thru a large residential area. I should have paid more attention to where I was wondering as I got quite lost for a bit, ending up in an area that was pretty run down.Fortunately, Google maps was able to guide me back to the main road and back to the RV park.

After lunch, I went over to the movie theatres located in Sam’s Town. Out of the 17 available movies I chose to see Assasin’s Creed it turned out to be not a bad movie and killed a couple of hours.I would have rather watched Rouge One but promised my brother I would see it with him once I  got back. After that, it was back to the RV to make dinner and watch a couple of TV shows on my pad. The RV park does offer cable hook up’s but I do not have the required cable to do that. The RV has a digital antenna and I can pick up over 40 channels but they are either in Spanish or so old I can’t stand to watch them.

This morning was the same routine except instead of doing some more exploring I headed straight back to the RV. I was expecting a call from Bob about getting the furnace fixed but he never called. I guess that means I’m on my own. The plan now is to head out early tomorrow morning for the 1500 mile drive home stopping along the way to see if I can get someone to fix the furnace. At this point, I’m not very hopeful and I really just want to get home, but without a working furnace, it’s going to be a very cold journey.

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