After getting a couple hours of needed sleep I’ve reconsidered leaving. While it’s not exactly warm here its comfortable. It was 5C when I woke up. Contacted Las Vegas KOA Sam’s Town and I can stay there for a reasonable $22.00 a night with full hookups. To bad the RV is winterized but I will have power and that’s all I really need.

Located a Harbor Freight and drove over to pick up the tools I will need to install the Solar Kit that I’m picking up in Oregon. Then I drove over to the KOA which is located 8 miles outside of downtown Vegas.

Arrived just after lunch it’s not much to look at and the pads are gravel but it’s got SHOWERS !!!! and I really need one. Spent 30 minutes enjoying the showers and a change of clothing.

A friend of mine is down here for Christmas, they are on there way over here now so we can go out for a late lunch. After an enjoyable meal they dropped me off just after 7:00 pm I finished setting up camp then headed out for a look around before going to bed.

Woke up this morning feeling great, slept the whole night thru with no problems. Left the furnace running all night long so it was very comfortable when I got out of bed.

Will be spending most of the day finalizing the RV export, as well as doing some laundry and cleaning the inside of the RV something that wasn’t done at the dealer.

Got a lot accomplished today. RV is cleared for export, the interior is now clean. Time to grab another shower I will be heading out in an hour to go and see Terry Fador.

Life is good!!

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