Things were going so well I knew something had to go wrong eventually. Went down to the Las Vegas strip last night had a nice dinner. Then I walked the strip for a couple of hours it really hasn’t changed that much since I was last here. After walking the strip I went and saw Terry Fador and as expected it was really great after the show I headed over to Fremont street to listen to the bands and people watch. It was after midnight by the time I got home.

My luck has been pretty good so far and it finally ran out. When I left for the evening I had turned the thermostat down but not off, so I was surprised that it was so cool in the RV. Checked the thermostat it was still turned on, raised the temp to 70 and nothing happened. Okay obviously I have a problem, I checked to make sure I have not run out of propane, guage is not reliable but all the stove elements work and the flame is bright blue so not a simple problem. Jump on the Internet to check for a fix all of it looks like it’s going to take time and it’s after 1:00 am so off to my cold bed I go, will deal with it in the morning.

Once again I wake up to a very chilly RV, I really should be use to this by now. Watch a couple of videos on troubleshooting furnace problems so I’m all set to go. One problem the furnace is behind a panel and I don’t have any tools so off to my favorite store I go to purchase some cheap tools. Next problem after removing the panel all you have access to is the back of the furnace all the serviceable parts are in the front. To access those I would have to remove the furnace and it doesn’t look easy or fun.

I contact the dealer I purchased the RV from but they really can’t help me but do give me the number for their tech support line. Spoke to a very nice man who gave me the number of the service manager here in Vegas. After speaking to him on the phone I head over to have them check it out. When I arrive at the dealership an hour later I am told that the soonest they could look at my RV is the end of January!!  After a lot of negotiating and me insisting that their service manager (found out he wasn’t working that day I had spoken to him at his house) had said they would, they finally agreed to send a Tech out to check it out.

An hour later he showed up, spent 5 minutes in the RV and told me “Yep it’s broken” and to diagnose it they would have to remove it from the RV. Went back into chat with the man in charge, who informed me that there was no way they could help me until the end of January. His recommendation was to buy an electric heater and head for home.

I finally arrived back at the KOA at 6:00 having wasted the entire day and accomplishing nothing. HopefullyI will have better luck tomorrow.

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