Last night was another cool night but not as bad as the last two. Actually slept in till 7:30, left the furnace off so I had a good nights sleep.

Was on the road by 8:30m I hope to make it to Las Vegas today then spend a couple days there before heading for home. I need the downtime as well as a shower.

I am now halfway home YeHah!!! So far I have enjoyed traveling thru New Mexico & Arizona the most. I can hardly wait to come back here with Jackie it is going to be awesome.

Made it to Las Vegas just after 8:00 pm, low on fuel and dead tired.I wasn’t able to stay at the first Walmart I stopped at and with the traffic here being so crazy I may change my plans.

After trying two other Walmart’s found one I was allowed to stay at. It’s defiantly time for bed.

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