It was another cold night and I managed an extra hours sleep by turning the thermostat down to 40F the smoke alarm didn’t go off till 4:30. By 6 o’clock it was -5C in the RV so I got up and headed down the road. When I stopped for coffee I noticed that the leftover coffee had actually frozen in my thermal mug.

Made really good time today ending up 30 miles outside of Albuquerque. Passed thru Texas on the way here really lovely scenery and rock formations. Saw an armadillo, unfortunately, it was lying dead by the side of the road as well watched a tumbleweed roll across the highway.

Hit the New Mexico border just at sunset it was gorgeous and went on for over an hour as I spend westward perfect way to end the day. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out but it’s late and I’m tired. It is going to be another cold night so I’m sure to be up early.

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