It was far too cold in the RV for me to go back to sleep after being woken up by the smoke alarm last night. So I got up and headed over to Walmart to get warm and see what they had in the way of tools. I was going to need some to figure out what was going wrong with the RV’s charging system.

Turns out they didn’t have anything I needed, so after strolling the aisles for an hour, I headed back to the RV to plan my next move.

Drove towards Oklahoma for an hour till I came across a shopping mall beside the highway. In it was a Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, and a Radio Shack as well as a whole lot of clothing stores.

The plan for today was to figure out my battery problem and get the TV in the RV working as well. The end of the 12 volt TV plug was melted so it wasn’t making good contact it would work for a couple of minutes then quit. It looked like a fairly standard plug and I didn’t think it would be a problem finding one but neither Best Buy or Target carried it even though they both show it on their websites.

Fortunately, Radio Shack had a 12V plugin that I could hack the other end on to. Good thing Jackie packed duct tape I needed that to temporarily attach them together. They also had a cheap voltmeter that I could use to check the working charge system. It seems the batteries are dead but without a hydrometer or AVR machine I can’t test them and I refuse to pay the $100 I was quoted to test them.

The rest of the day went great clear skies but cold stopped at a pleasant rest area for a brisk walk.

Watched a lovely sunset on my way to my final destination.

Since I wasted so much of the day I only got as far as Checotah Oklahoma.

It’s going to be another cold night temperature is down to -15C. So I purchased a comforter from my favorite camping spot to help make it thru the night.Will be up early to make up some time and distance. I really need to get to a warmer place.

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