Left Walmart in the early morning hoping to reach Memphis this evening it’s about 400 miles away. After yesterdays drive I’m feeling quite comfortable on the highway even with the big rigs bouncing me all over the place as they race past me. The drive was quite nice with temperatures in the low 20s it felt almost like summer only more humid than what were are use to. Everything was going great until I was 75 miles outside of Memphis then the winds started picking up, the sky turned from blue to grey as the clouds came rolling in and the wind continued to pick up it became so bad I was having problems keeping the RV in my lane at anything over 40 mph. Half an hour later I came to a rest stop so I pulled in to try and wait out the bad weather. As soon as I came to a stop the guy manning the rest stop came out and told me there was a tornado warning in effect and I should head back the way I had come. Instead of going back I continued on to Memphis planning on driving past the affected area. It probably wasn’t a smart idea and it took me over 4 1/2 hours to make it to Forrest City located 50 miles outside of Memphis. The view of the horizon lighting up made fighting the huge wind gusts and torrential rainfall worth it.

When I arrived in Forest City the temperature had dropped from 20C to -5C at the Walmart I was staying at so I was glad this RV had a nice furnace. I made myself something to eat and headed to bed. Three hours later I was awoken by the sound of my smoke alarm going off since I couldn’t smell any smoke I wasn’t too worried. It took a little time till I figured out that the reason my smoke alarm had gone off was because the RV batteries had lost power. I bundled up and went back to bed I’ll deal with that problem tomorrow.

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