Up at 6 this morning to check out of the hotel and head out to get the RV serviced at Mercedes. It’s a balmy -17c but the Sprinter starts right up but I can’t get the radio to turn on so I can use the Nav system, Oh well there is always my phone. So off I go down the highway balancing my phone on my leg so I can find the dealership worked great. I really should get a holder for it.

Arrived at the dealership on time and they took me right in, it’s a big place.

After taking all my information the service manager directed me to their waiting area he told me it would take 2 hours to complete the job. I now know why Mercedes cost so much the waiting area was awesome and the free coffee delicious.

True to his word my RV was ready to go in 2 hours, he ran me thru the bill explaining all the checks they had made.That they topped up my fluids including my windshield washer and DEF, I was charged extra for these. Too bad they didn’t check to see if the washers actually worked I found out they didn’t the next day. I settled up my bill, which was 5 times what my truck costs and headed back to the RV dealer for the final repairs.

Due to the weather conditions, the part was late arriving but once it did arrive they quickly installed it. While that was going on I visited their parts store to purchase the things I needed to live in the RV on my way home the bill was quite substantial.

At 4 o’clock I could finally start my journey home. I wasted no time running away from the ice and cold of Ohio. The RV was a pleasure to drive other than the buffeting from all the Semi’s passing me. I ended up at a Walmart in Louisville arriving at 11:00 pm, after going inside to speak to the Manager about staying the night (no problem just had to leave by 6:30) I purchased my supplies and went back to the RV to make my dinner and go to bed. It wasn’t a very quiet place to sleep with all the traffic noise and the security car driving by every 15 minutes with his lights flashing but the price was right.

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