Aug 24

Time to hit the Cabot Trail. We spend the day driving up the winding roads stopping along the way at a couple of overlooks. The views are okay, but the views along the Gaspesie drive were nicer. Our only stop of the day is a 1 1/2 hike in Cape Breton National Park (Middlehead). At the end of the trail when it was time to turn back, we were lucky enough to spot some small whales out to sea – Atlantic Pilot Whales we think. Our luck held as our last stop was to a boat dock which turned out to be where we spent the night.

Smoke from the fires in BC has affected the skies here too!!

Aug 25

Moved farther up the Cabot Trail to hike the Jack Pine Trail – a rugged hike thru a Jack Pine Forest. We then went on to hike thru two sugar maple forests, one ending at a pleasant little waterfall and the other one containing a replica of a Scottish crofters hut. This was used in Scotland to shelter a farmer and his herd from foul weather. We stopped for lunch at the world famous Chowder House in Neil’s Harbour – it was definitely worth the wait. The place opened at 12:00, and when we arrived a few minutes after that, there were over 60 people in front of us.

August 26 – Day 3 on the Cabot Trail.  We hike the iconic Skyline Trail in the National Park.  What a great view from the end of the trail overlooking the rugged coast, winding highway, and beach surf down the coast.  On exiting the park, we visit Inverness with its sand dunes and lovely boardwalk.

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