August 27 – We take a tour and tasting of the Glenora whiskey distillery ($150 a bottle) – a very picturesque setting with a lovely inn and restaurant.  We learn the difference between single malt and blends, as well as whiskey, scotch, rye, and bourbon.  A stop in Judique at the Celtic Music Interpretation Centre was fun.  We do a self-guided tour learning to dance and play the fiddle (neither of us showed much ability).  There is live music as well to enjoy.

August 28-30 – We drive along the Eastern shore for a while, but it is very slow going and the road is not great.  Halifax is a nice city – very compact to visit.  We visit the Citadel, which is very much like that in Quebec City, but smaller.  There is lots of action with cannon firing and rifle firing by staff dressed in Scottish kilts. One great exhibit here is a mock-up of the trenches in World War I.  We are able to walk through the mock trenches and get a sense of WW I trench warfare.

We enjoy walking along the Halifax waterfront and seeing historic buildings.  We also visit the Hydrostone neighbourhood.  After a large explosion/fire killed many Halifax citizens in 1917, neighbourhoods were rebuilt to be fireproof with cinderblock construction. This area is now a very trendy place to live.

 Crystal Glass Blowing

We drive over to Dartmouth but accidentally take the wrong bridge.  Apparently, we are too heavy for the MacDonald bridge and need to use the Mackay bridge.   The commissionaire was not pleased with us at all!  We visit the Shannon Park area a Military Housing project where I lived around 50 years ago.  The military buildings and housing have all been torn down, but the school is still there.

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