Aug 20

Headed out to Blow Me Down Provincial Park to enjoy the sunshine and a nice walk. This turned out to be not nearly as windy as the name implies. Walked up the Governor’s Staircase trail that leads us up a very steep staircase to gorgeous views of the Bay of Islands. We continued along the path heading for the fishing village, but the farther we went the muddier the path became, so we turned back to the beach to have lunch. Stopped at a couple of fishing villages with their orange dory boats on our way back to Corner Brook.

  Aug 21

Heading for the south end of Newfoundland, we stop at the Codroy Wetlands, a conservation area where there are supposed to be many, many birds, but at the end of our hike, all we saw were a couple of chipmunks. After lunch, we head towards the beach to check it out as well as a lighthouse that is in the area. The road out to the lighthouse was rougher than we wanted to attempt so we missed getting to it, but did find a nice spot to spend the rest of the day and night.

Aug 22

Driving along the Granite Coast drive on our way to Isle aux  Morts, we pass beautiful, hilly, green bogs and plenty of ponds. The first stop of the day is to Harvey’s Trail, made famous by the Harvey family and their Newfoundland dog Hairyman, who rescued almost 200 people during two different shipwrecks. The 4k trail winds all along the rocky coast where hundreds of ships have been lost.

The last stop of the day is to Rose Blanche, a very quaint fishing village with the last remaining granite lighthouse in Canada. This by far is the most picturesque site we have seen with the colorful houses around the bay. The lighthouse had recently been renovated and was very nice inside. We were going to climb the stairs to the top, but upon examing them decided to give it a miss.

Aug 23

Up early to catch the ferry back to Nova Scotia in the fog.

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