The 17th of August found us at Flower’s Cove. This area has limestone barrens with rare plants growing in the cracks of the limestone.  We also walked among thrombolites – only found here and at one site in Australia.  These bun-shaped fossils are the only known forms of life dating back 3.5 billion to 630 million years ago.  They consist of millions of unicellular creatures.  We overnight here at the trailhead and see many ATVs streaming by up until midnight.  ATVs are the vehicle of choice to go between houses and villages along the backroads. In the last few days, we have seen moose a few times, but they are very camera shy!

August 18 we visit Port au Choix where remains have been found of Maritime archaic, Dorset, Paleoeskimo, and Beothuk peoples.  We hike along the limestone barrens and tuckamore forest along the ocean and are thrilled to see two caribou grazing.  

August 19 we visit Arches Provincial Park – beautiful arches carved out by the sea in the rock.  We also hike to Western Brook Pond, an inland fjord in Gros Morne National Park.  We had missed this hike before due to terrible rain.  

Back in Corner Brook, we drive out the winding road past small fishing towns full of dory boats to Blow Me Down Provincial Park (at Blomidon Mountain – say it fast and you will get how the park was named).  There is no wind today and so we hike up the steep staircase up to beautiful views of the Bay of Islands. 

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