Spent the morning at a car show in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, lots of variety from very old to brand new one of my favourites was a 1929 tow truck.

In the afternoon we head out to check out the Canal St. Locks shortly after we arrive we get to watch a tour boat make it’s way from lake Superior to Lake Huron took far less time than I thought it would, unfortunately I forgot to take a pic with my phone.

The Canadian locks are used for recreational boats, while the American ones are used for commercial traffic. From where the locks are you can see the cars streaming into Canada from the US on the International bridge a very large and long bridge linking our two countries.

Across the locks are two islands with hiking/biking paths through forest and wet lands, as we walk through we see frogs, fish, herons,ducks,geese and numerous birds. There are also fishermen out in their waders fishing for trout,salmon, walleye, pickerel and whitefish.

Next to the locks Parks Canada is hosting a picnic with music, food and kids games. After listening to the band’s we stroll around a bit and come soon a restored old brick building with a wedding party just arriving, right behind it is an abandoned building very stark difference between the two.

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