Spent yesterday hanging out at Terrace Bay Beach. Watched a charter boat load up 2 canoes,1 kayak,4 gentlemen from Wisconsin and a Jack Russell and a whole lot of gear to carry them out to one of the islands to camp and paddle about. Watched numerous other boats come and go it’s a busy boat launch.

Before relocating to the other end of the bay we watched a gull fishing at the mouth of the river something I’ve never seen them do at home. The gull would circle always in the same direction, hover for a few seconds over the same then dive into the water with hardly a splash. Never did see if it caught anything but it did this for quite along time.

After moving we went on a long bike ride, when we got back, I did a couple of flights with my quad up and down the beach. Then it was time for dinner and early to bed, going to be a long day tomorrow driving to Sault Ste. Marie.

On through the boreal forest, we are now seeing sugar maples – we are no in the land of maple syrup. As we continue along we start to see a lot of mining sites, they mine alot of silver,gold and copper here.

We next stop in Whitefish were Winnie the Pooh originated. It’s an interesting story that I was unaware of.

Next stop was at Wawa to check out the giant goose complete with what they are best known for.

Final stop of the day was definitely the best, the pictographs at Agawa Bay. A steep 500m walk thru the woods then a treacherous tiptoe along the narrow slanted ledge into Lake Superior. Luckily the lake is calm or we wouldn’t have been able to attempt it but the view was worth it!!

Arrived at our favorite location just after 7 a long day but a good one.

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