In the morning we went to visit the famous Sudbury giant nickel – Sudbury is a mining town and even though some effort has been made to beautify the mining site, a lot of the surrounding area is covered in piles of leftover rock produced by the mining operations.

Later in the afternoon, we head over to Science North – a fascinating science museum with a lot of hands-on displays. We check out the human body, magnetism, vision,3d printers and puzzles, computer technology, space technology, and even get a chance to lie on a bed of nails. I don’t recommend it, while I didn’t get punctured, it definitely left marks!!

During our visit, we ran into lots of loud school kids but still had a great experience. Since we arrived so late, we only managed to view one floor so we will be returning again in the morning. Before heading back we take a long stroll around Ramsey Lake.

Spent the morning exploring the rest of Science North’s remaining 3 floors. These consist of the animal floor containing a porcupine, a beaver, a skunk, numerous snakes and reptiles, and a very hot and humid butterfly garden where we watched a butterfly being born. The last 2 floors contained insects and a very large rock collection. It was educational, as well as entertaining.

In the afternoon we head out to Onaping to the AY Jackson Lookout named after the famous Group of Seven artists who loved to paint in this area. We hike the 2k to High Falls before heading back to Sudbury.

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