While looking for a place to wash our very dirty RV we purchased diesel super cheap $1.00 per L, it was just like the Ikea commercial “quick start the car before they notice 😀” never did find a place to get it washed.

On our way out of Thunder Bay we stop at the Terry Fox lookout, the views of lake Superior are very scenic, we can see it stretching out in front of us for miles.

We continue down highway 17 east through beautiful forests on either side of us, lots of deciduous trees sprinkled among firs & cedars – must be lovely in the fall. We stop to view the Aguasabon Falls at Terrace Bay then head to the mouth of the Aguasabon river were we hope to spend the night.

We arrive at our final destination the boat launch at Terrace Bay on our way in we spot a sign saying RV’s welcome a good sign. It’s a beautiful area with a large dock and boat launch, a nice sandy beach that we spent some time exploring and a gorgeous view of the river flowing into Lake Superior. After dinner we hike a short way up a trail to get to the bridge that crosses the river. It’s an amazing view of the rapids and off in the distance you can see our RV as well as the beach and Lake Superior. This area is also the trailhead of a 52k trail that follows the river all the way up to the falls and beyond.

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