I’ve been interested in e-bikes for awhile now and finally took the plunge and converted my bike with a Bafang kit. The results turned out far better than I had expected.

The conversion kit was ordered from a store on AliExpress. It’s a Bafang BBS 02 750 watt mid drive unit as well as an installation tool and hydraulic brake adapters.I also purchased a 14S 4P 52V battery to drive it all.

Installation of the kit is fairly straightforward.

The first step is the removal of the pedals, for this I used a Park Tool CCP-22 Crank Puller, to remove the bottom bracket cartridge I needed to purchase a Park Tool BBT-22 for my setup.

Slide the Bafang unit into the BB it’s a tight fit and required a little sanding but it fits. I had to modify the retaining bracket, enlarging the holes and removing some material to get a nice fit. Using the tool I purchased with my kit I tightened it all down ensuring the tabs faced inwards.

Then I removed the derailer and installed the drive sprocket chain and pedals.

Next, I removed the grips and left shifter. Installed the ON/OFF switch, control display, and throttle on the bars.

Routed all the wires using lots of zap straps and mounted the battery. Job done!!!

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