Our RV came with the upgraded head unit from Jenson and while it did work as intended it was far from premium and the included GPS unit left a lot to be desired. It served us for our first year of ownership, but with our planned tour of North America this summer something better was required.
After a lot of research, I decided to replace it with an Android Head unit which turned out to be an easy and very worthwhile upgrade.


The Sprinter dash comes apart in layers, you have to slowly remove the trim pieces to gain access to the fasteners which makes it possible to remove the next layer till you can finally remove the stereo. All of the fasteners are either the same length T25 Torx screws, plastic tabs, spring clips or molded hooks. I just had to take my time gently removing them.

Once I had the radio removed I spent some time labeling all the wiring of which there are a lot.

The replacement unit was from Joying and only required a little modification to mount it.

Once the I doubled checked the new wiring harness and checked to make sure everything was working as it should it was time to finish the install.

The finished product looks as good as the original and works far better with the ability to use numerous Android apps and the GPS using both North American as well as Glasnost satellites for a faster and more accurate fix

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