We wake up to low 40 temps and quickly eat and get on the road, today’s destination is Reno. We head north through the rather desolate NV landscape. Lots of sand, rock, gravel not much growing beside sagebrush. Just north of Toponah is a great rest stop, we take advantage of the RV dump as well as taking on fresh water, something that has been very hard to find on this trip. Too bad, we didn’t know about this place last night would have been a much better place to overnight.

Once again we arrive at our destination late in the day, we cruise thru the Reno strip on our way to tonight’s stop at the Atlantic Casino. The Reno strip is not nearly as exciting as Vegas kind of drab and dirty. After checking out the Atlantic Casino which has “no overnight parking signs” we decide to relocate to the nearby Cabela’s in Verdi, not a good choice traffic noise from the highway makes for a very poor nights sleep.

We backtrack thru Reno and head for California, the landscape slowly changes from sand and gravel to the pine forests and mountain passes that we are used to. We hook up with I5 at Mt. Shasta and continue north.

Tonight’s boondocking site is 25 miles outside of Hornbrook located on PacifiCorp Utility land donated to the public when they flooded the valley creating Copco Lake. The road in is mostly paved with the last 5 miles turning into gravel. There are 2 separate campsites on the lake we stop at the first one Mirror Cove this turns out to be the best stop of our trip too bad it’s only for one night.

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