The time has come to head for home, we need to be back on the 6th and we have 1200 miles to go so, the next 4 days will be long days of driving with very little sightseeing. Today’s plan is to try and make it to Toponah Nevada 350 miles away.

A pleasant day of driving we see people boondocking at Walmarts we pass, as well as quite a few RV’s spotted off in the distance on BLM Land. We arrive in Toponah in the late afternoon, it’s a sad lonely looking town whose claim to fame seems to be it’s a refueling stop between Vegas and Reno.

We overnight at Banc Club Casino in the truck parking area with 3 other RV’s and numerous Semi Trucks that come and go all night. The temperature drops once the sun goes down once again we snuggle under our blankets to stay warm.

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