After a late start (took time out to do a couple of FPV flights) we head back to I5 heading for Eugene 250 miles down the road today will be a short day since we are more than halfway home. On our way, Jackie notices a dump station located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg so we pull off to dump the tanks. On arrival, we find that fresh water is also available so we decide to fill the tank as well but, run into a problem the water is running out as fast as I’m putting it in. This is the first real problem we have had this trip and the fix was fairly simple. The hose clamp had come loose, looks like it had been weeping for a while and finally let go, just tightened it up, for now, will repair it properly when we get home.

We boondock in Eugen at the Valley River Ctr, a large mall outside of Eugene that allows RVers to stay for one or two nights only, similar to Walmart but much quieter. Tonight we are the only RV here.

Up the next day heading for the Cabela’s in Tulalip to overnight, not looking forward to this part of the trip, going thru Portland and Seattle is always a long slow grind. Will probably do a little shopping in Bellingham before crossing the border and stopping by to visit my brother in Vancouver before catching the ferry home.


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