The weather has improved a bit, so we take a chance and head out to Mt. Rushmore again and it’s clear when we get there HURRAH!!! We spend most of the morning walking around and viewing all the exhibits, it’s quite an achievement what they were able to do using only dynamite and jackhammers, very impressive, particularly the eyes that look very realistic with cones of granite for pupils casting shadows for the iris of the eye.

Crazy Horse is just down the road so we head over to check it out but don’t bother paying the $22 entrance fee ( Mt. Rushmore was free) since we can see from the entrance that all they have accomplished so far after 75 years is the roughed in face!! Instead, we decide to make a side trip to Hot Springs, SD to view the Mammoth Site – and old sinkhole discovered in 1974. It is full of mammoth bones – at least 61 so far, and there is still 45′ to go, well worth the time to get there.

 We have come out of the Blackhill mountains back to the plains and gentle rolling grasslands. Lots of pronghorns standing beside the highway make for a bit of nervous driving. We overnight in a free campground made available by the city of Douglas Wyoming located in the middle of town right next to the cities municipal yard. It provides free RV dump, water, toilets, and showers. Other than someone spending the night in their car we are the only other people there.

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