With the weather getting colder we have decided to head down to Salt Lake for warmer weather and the chance to check out Zion before heading for home.

A long day of driving today, near Douglas the hills are dusted with snow but the roads are clear. We make our way down I80 to Rawlings. Miles of golden rolling plains, with lots of pronghorn, some deer, and a coyote! We once again overnight at a Walmart in Rocksprings.

A pleasant drive from Rock Springs to Salt Lake City, we pick up some literature and check out a free campsite but it’s pretty dismal and located right on the highway, instead, we press on stopping at an Ikea to do some shopping. Traffic here is crazy – tons of 4-6 lane highways with cars zipping past you on either side and merging right in front of you.  We planned to spend the night at a Walmart close to Salt Lake but once again it’s RV unfriendly so we end up at a Cabela’s in Farmington.

Tomorrow we will head to the downtown KOA for a few nights to see the sights & take a break.



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