In the morning we head back the 50 miles to Butte and start our day by going on the very informative Butte Underground City Tour. We learned about Prohibition and the evidence that the government was making money off “medicinal” alcohol. We also visited the “Butte Bastille” better known as the city jail, a very dungeon-like building in use until 1979.

Beneath the sidewalks lies an underground city – stores were created down here in the boom times of Butte when space was at a premium. Butte was a rich city in the mining days. Much money poured through the city. A lot of entertainers came through – many theaters and shows.

The Prohibition – era Rookwood Speakeasy lies beneath the street – terrazzo tile floors, marble walls, and a hidden entrance to the bar and gambling tables. An interesting visit.

You can still see stairs leading down to the below-ground shopping level – glass blocks in the sidewalks gave light.

Once we had finished seeing all Butte had to offer we headed back out to where we spent last night. The evening turned stormy with heavy winds, rain, and a fantastic lightning show.  We batten down the hatches and brought in both sides spent the night huddled together in the cab over. In the morning we awoke to visitors, one sleeping in a hammock mounted on a frame and the other sleeping on the ground.


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