It’s just a short hop down the road to Bozeman from our overnight spot. Our only stop today will be “The Museum of the Rockies” it’s a museum mostly devoted to dinosaurs after paying our entrance fee we tag along with a 2hr guided tour. In this area, the paleontologists have found 250 triceratopses. The museum has 8 Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons. One was recently moved to the Smithsonian. The tour was interesting and the exhibits excellent.

The Museum also houses some Yellowstone memorabilia and homesteader collections as well as a full-scale homesteader house. Keeping with the dinosaur theme there is a crocodile display as well.

On the museum grounds is a homestead dating back to the 1800’s. We spent another couple of hours touring it, during which we watched a woman baking an apple cobbler from the apple orchard on a woodstove. The homes interior walls were covered in canvas painted white it certainly helped to make the interior very homey and probably helped cut down on drafts. Outside were a heritage flower and vegetable garden as well as a couple of outbuildings for the animals.

Spent the night at the Bozeman Walmart we should reach Yellowstone tomorrow.

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