After a noisy evening, we prepare to leave by pulling in the slides and doing the dishes from yesterday only to discover that I didn’t fill the water tank as full as I thought. Luckily the gas station next to the casino had fresh water but their water hose leaked like a sieve, but fortunately, at our first rest stop, they had a dump station with fresh water. It seems that most of the rest stops in Washington have this as the next two we stopped at had them as well once we crossed into Idaho we stopped seeing them.

One thing we did not consider is the problems we would have due to the numerous Forest fires around us. The sky was filled with smoke with the sun shining thru a dull red Mnt. Rainer was barely visible.

On our way to our last stop of the day, we passed thru ranch & farm country we saw huge mountains of hay under portable tarps and a couple of herds of Long Horn cattle as well as a couple of wind farms. Watching the giant blades turn is so mesmerizing.

Our stop for the night was a free campsite on BLM land “Dragoon Creek” when we arrived there we discovered that you can stay for free for up to 14 days but you need a “Discovery Pass” fortunately the camp host let us stay anyway as we would only be there for the night.

“Free Camping” attracts a different crowd, as we drove thru the 23 site campground looking for a site we saw a very diverse group of people. One group had a tent and beach umbrella mounted on an old flat deck truck complete with Tiki torches while a family appeared to be living in there Dodge Voyager towing a homemade wooden utility trailer.

As the sun went down we are serenaded by the sounds of coyotes howling, owl’s hooting and frogs and crickets made for a pleasant nights sleep but it was cool in the morning below 60F.

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