Awoke to a chilly morning and smoky skies, today we are heading to Glacier National Park we should be there by this evening.

We continue on I90 up thru the mountains & hills it’s very dry here and because of all the smoke in the air, we don’t get to see the BIG SKY’S of Montana. The smoke varies from very thick to thick we see plenty of trucks and RV’s on the two-lane road heading in the opposite direction.
We pass lots of ranches with ornate gates leading to some very expressive houses with horses and longhorn cows in the field. As well as crops of potatoes, corn, hay, and alfalfa.

We arrive in Kalispell around dinner time and decide to spend the night at Walmart instead of pushing on to Glacier. There are some signs that say no overnight parking but when we arrived there were already half a dozen RV’s in the lot.

Other than having to listen to one RV run it’s generator till 1 it was an uneventful night.

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