The day has finally arrived, this morning we are boarding the Coho for the start of our trip down to Yellowstone.

Once we landed in Port Angeles we headed down to Tacoma to check out the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. First thing was to find parking down by the Tacoma Dome Link Station then take the free shuttle to the outdoor exhibit.

Then it was on to the final stop, a Walmart to spend the night but when we got there numerous signs pointed out that anyone staying overnight would be towed so on to plan B stay in the parking lot of the Muckulshoot Casino. When we arrived it didn’t look too promising, the place was packed but eventually, we found the right spot where over 20 RV’s and semi’s were parked.

After a quick dinner, we went in and checked out the casino. The place was packed with people playing mostly slots but quite a few were playing roulette and blackjack. We had a couple of complimentary drinks then headed back to the RV to get some rest. An hour after we got back and fortunately before we turned in a security guard knocked on our door requesting some ID and explained that we’re welcome to stay for 72 hours but we needed a player card.

We didn’t bother this time but will if we ever stay there again.

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