Started the last bus tour early this morning. On today’s drive we continue to drive thru the agricultural area of southern Australia with large fields of Canola on either side of the road. Around mid morning we pass into Victoria, and its agricultural lands along side the highway. I spot many brightly colored parrots.

Long drive this morning past the Murray River and on to Hall’s Gap. We visit the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Center and learn how the white settlers forced the children out of the family home and tried to assimilate them into their white society.

We drive up Grampians to lookouts and Mackenzie Falls. The rain starts and the view is obscured by the low cloud cover. At the bottom of the mountain we see lots of kangaroos – some with joeys. The  roos come out at dawn and dusk to eat the grass and pay us no mind as they chew on the grass.

Lots of high winds and rains last night. Apparently many small towns are closed due to flooding in the Grampian area cutting off roadways.  We got out just in time as the next day we learn that the Great Ocean Road was now shut due to landslides.

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