Spent the day wandering downtown Adelaide. Lots of skyscrapers and lots of historical stone and brick buildings. We make a loop around town on the free bus and the visit the huge botanical gardens with its large cactus collection, palm collection in the palm house (very Amazon jungle like).  The  Amazon Waterlily Pavilion was amazing.

We wander along the historic buildings of North Terrace seeing Government and Parliament House. We visit the Immigration Museum with its very detailed account of how Australia tried to maintain a white culture by giving potential immigrants a reading test for a language they neither spoke nor read. Eventually in 1973 race was no longer a criteria for immigration.

In the afternoon we visit the Adelaide Oval, an impressive cricket facility also used for rugby,rock concerts, and other large events. It is huge! A walk along the river and back to the hotel. Lots of biking and walking/jogging paths around for Adelaide’s 1.3 million people, as well as a modern subway and tram system.

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