Spent the day exploring Cairns. Walked from our hotel along the  Esplanade, a lovely waterfront park to downtown Cairns.

On our walk we saw numerous public BBQs so I guess Aussies really do like to barbecue.

Watched people exercising on the provided equipment, as well as a couple of boxers practicing. Checked out some huge pelicans that were at least 4′ tall 

Visited Mcds and had a coke float, as well as checking out the public pool. Because of the “Salties”, swimming in the ocean is not a good idea. It is hot today so lots of swimmers.

Checked out the night market which was very similar to ones we have seen in Asia. It was like Bangkok,full of massage places, food vendors, and T shirt shops.

Just a random army vehicle on the side of the road close to our hotel.  

We will not be posting for a few days as I will be diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  Hoping for great weather and lots of  underwater sights! 

  1. Hi to you both…it’s Aileen..been in that downtown Poole in Cairns…quite a nice town..kinda quaint in a way. The humidity high as you know, but you’ve felt that before. Glad you both made it safe. Enjoy!!
    Hey Jackie, cougar sighting warning at Royal Roads today…but you’ve got bigger things to worry about…ha-ha.
    Enjoy…look forward to your posts.

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