Once more woken up early by the sounds of the jungle, but we are leaving at 8 so it’s all right. Travel back to Lima is the same as 2 days ago, 2 1/2 hour boat ride followed by a 1 hour bus ride with a stop at the travel office to repack our bags.
Stopped at the town square for lunch, Jackie and I split an awesome 4 flavour sundae and saved the rest of our lunch till we hit the airport.
Very hot and humid at the airport and the fumes from the planes are making my eyes water, but we finally board the first of the two flights we are taking to Lima. Arrive at our hotel at 5, we all rush to our rooms to enjoy a hot shower only to find out there is no hot water at all. Once more we endure a cold unsatisfying shower.  Tonight will be our last meal together with the friends we made on our trip, everone is flying out tomorrow with Jackie and I being the last to leave at 1:40am Saturday.

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