Woke up early to the sounds of many different birds calls. We are going on another Nature walk this morning to a lake 6 kilometer away. Once we entered the jungle, our guides initiated us to the jungle by drawing symbols on our faces using crushed berries. This was to help protect us from the jungle spirits. Unfortunately it did not work as, while we were walking along the trail, we disturbed a wasp nest and had to run for our lives. Several of us were stung multiple times, myself included.

wpid-wp-1412807100764.jpeg wpid-wp-1412807108938.jpeg


Our guides pointed out many different animals on our walk such as monkeys,beetles, and macaws, as well as many different medicinal plants.
Once we reached the lake, we boarded our canoes to go in search of anacondas and cayman, unfortunately we didn’t find either but enjoyed the lush jungle,colourful birds and butterflies.
We returned to the dock for lunch and a little fishing, we were trying to catch piranhas. One of our group caught a yellow bellied one that he is having for dinner tonight. Man they have huge sharp teeth!!!


wpid-wp-1412807807007.jpeg wpid-wp-1412807818189.jpeg wpid-wp-1412807845706.jpeg

The return home seemed to take longer and by the time we arrived back we were all very hot and sweaty.  For once we actually enjoyed our cold showers.
Now if we could only get rid of the frog croaking in our shower stall…

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