Our vacation ends this evening, but we make the most of the day. Took the public bus back to Miraflores to book a city bus tour, then strolled down the sidewalk admiring the parasails floating up and down the beach.





Did some window shopping, admired the fancy shops and displays while waiting for our last tour to start.





Our bus tour took us thru Miraflores, an upscale area of Lima, and Barranco neighborhood with a church badly damaged by the last earthquake, and the oldest church in Lima.


At the San Francisco church in Lima we visited a library with 25000 books, some of them dating back to the 15th century. As there was no paper, early books were hand drawn on lambskin. The library was an amazing sight with floor to ceiling wood shelves, spiral staircases and crystal chandeliers. Unfortunately no photographs were allowed.


We then visited the catacombs. Here are stored thousands of skeletons, all sorted by bone type deep under the church -again no photos were allowed.
After that we picked up our luggage and headed out to the airport. It will be a long night, our flight leaves at 1:40am and we finally arrive in Victoria at 8:30pm 

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