I’ve been trying for a while to figure out how to get RSSI to properly display on my OSD using MW OSD and a D4R-II receiver through my Flip32 (this works for a true Naze32 as well). After trying several different solutions, I read a post on how to inject the RSSI signal into the ppm stream to feed into the Flight Controller. Below I’m going to attempt to explain how I accomplished it.

This was done with no special wiring, just some OpenTx magic. I used a D4R-II, a Flip32  Flight Controller (running Cleanflight 1.10), a Micro Minimosd (running MWOSD 1.5), and a Taranis (running OpenTx 2.1).

First off we need to set up the Taranis to inject the RSSI signal into the ppm stream. Using OpenTX  Companion or just your Taranis, navigate to the Inputs section and create a new input for your RSSI. Name it RSSI and set the Scale and Weight both to 100.

Taranis-Inputs  Taranis-Inputs-a


Then on the Mixer section set the Channel you want to use for RSSI (I used Channel 6). Set the Weight to 200. Then set the Offset to -100. That’s it we’re all done in the Taranis.

Taranis-Mix Taranis-Mix-a

Now in Cleanflight Configuration Tab make sure RSSI_ADC is not enabled.


Then go to the Receiver Tab and set the Channel RSSI to what you set up in your Taranis (again back to what I set Channel 6).


Now on to MW OSD. You can use the MW OSD GUI or directly through your display using stick commands. Make sure you enable  RSSI and it’s using FC RSSI. Then set RSSI Min to 0 and RSSI Max to 255. Don’t forget to set your RSSI Alarm to your desired range.



That’s it, your done. You should now have the exact RSSI that your Taranis reports directly in your OSD.

  1. Great info. I’m going to try this on a turnigy 9x running OpenTX with the FrSky DIY Tx and a D4RII. Rest of my setup is same as yours. Thanks

    • I was just wondering if you got Rssi working on your osd via ppm and your 9x using Opentx?
      I’m currently trying the same process but I can’t find a means of creating an input on open tx to then create a mix.
      There are plenty of blogs saying it is possible but no examples of how to do it? Any help would be appreciated

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