The Sony Super HAD 600tvl CCD Camera is one of the most popular cameras for FPV and with a few simple setting changes, it’s even betters. Its affordable price and excellent performance make it the most popular camera used by FPV fliers. It has exceptional low light handling abilities and transitions very well from low light to intense light conditions.

There are many parameters and settings you can play around with, through an on screen display menu. The OSD board can be unplugged and removed when not in use and the settings stay on the camera.

I was very pleased even with the default settings, but after watching  some of the many setup videos available.

Here are some of my personal favorites to make it look even better:

Factory Reset
Len: Manual
Shutter: Auto
Brightness: 065
Level: 063
Whire Bal: ATW1
Backlight: OFF
Day & Night: Auto (I actually like to keep this to Color -Sj)
D->N Level: 080
D->N Delay: 3 sec
N->D Level: 032
N->D Delay: 1 sec
DPC: Dead Pixle Correction: Just ignore this setting
Cam Title: OFF
Motion: OFF
Privacy: OFF
Park. Line: OFF
Image Adj:
Lens Shad: OFF
Mirror: OFF
Font Color: Just ignore this setting
Contrast: 090
Sharpness: 031
Display: USER
Gamma: 0.55
PED Level: 023
Color Gain: 245 <This is the key to these settings >
Neg. Image: OFF
Comm Adj: Just ignore this setting

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