Spent the day on the gravel moguls heading from Tok to Chicken, then on to Dawson City YK

Lots of gravel, potholes and washboard spots so slow going. The scenery, however, was great worth the small bit of inconvenience. There was very little traffic, so it was like traveling all by ourselves – a small speck in a vast mountain range surrounded by green. We did see a cow moose crossing the road, but she was long gone by the time we got there.

Chicken was an eclectic spot- 3 businesses, 2 RV Parks, and some giant chicken sculptures.  There is no water, power, or sewers here.

We saw an old gold dredge as well.

We met Jim from Wisconsin,  who has been in Chicken since June 1st. He had given himself 3 months to pan 1 ounce of gold.  He said he was right on schedule. He was a real character. We also met the gentleman running the last Alaskan tour for Fantasy Tours. We had a very pleasant conversation before it was time to head out.

On our way to the Canadian border, we saw numerous people with all kinds of equipment (mechanical dredges, gold panning, and heavy equipment) looking for gold along the river.

To get to Dawson we had to take a short ferry ride (free) across the Yukon River.

Spent the night at the Gold Rush RV Park which is in downtown Dawson.

After getting everything set up we walked into town to catch a show at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Dance Hall and Casino. Lots of singing and can-can dancing. Very cheesey but fun $20 entry fee.

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