August 6th a very wet cloudy day, which we spent traveling from Kenai (not much to see) to a nice free campsite an hour away from Denali.

Up very early so we could make it to Denali in time for the first sled dog team exhibit. Well worth it, the dogs were friendly, excited, and well mannered, and we even got to pet them.

On the free bus to go hiking, we see a cow moose in a dry river bed. We hike Savage Creek and Mountain Vista and spot several hoary marmots, as well as a grouse (mom and babies). We end our day at the visitor center checking out the exhibits, as well as watching a nice video.

We finish up by driving through some smokey sections caused by the forest fires around Fairbanks to overnight at Walmart in Fairbanks. Lots of RVs here.

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