Tokyo Bay visit today – a newer modern area with many made islands.

We see the Unicorn Gundam robot outside Diver City Plaza. Inside is the Gundam Base store full of model robots to build and paint. Lots of artist models showcased for lots of dollars but the craftsmanship makes them almost worth it. A very popular store with lots of merchandise being sold.

On the waterfront is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. We can also see a large sandy beach (all man made). Lots of technology, museums and television communication buildings in the area.

I have a 4pm spot booked at Street Kart so, even though we could have spent the entire  day at Diver City, we cut short our visit and head over there.

Street Kart was everything I expected and more.  Dressed up as a Ninja Turtle, we race all around Diver City and the Rainbow Bridge, hitting speeds of 75km, very exhilarating!  Our tour was 2 hrs long and I took many photos and videos.

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